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Consider Proactive Care

- New ways to look at health...


...Though family history may play a role, the fact is most diseases like cancer, heart disease, and stroke, are more life-style related than hereditary. It's also a fact that most of the screening tests today are designed to find problems at the latest and most critical stages of disease, when what we really want to do is prevent, not find life threatening problems, right?

Science recognizes the human body as a self-healing organism. When interference to normal body function exist, the human body adapts with its coping mechanisms; when the body's natural efforts to adapt are exhausted, signs and symptoms develop.

Most people do not seek medical help until symptoms limit their normal ability to function, or threaten their survival... These attitudes need to change, for as we observe, this approach is way to costly; both financially, as well as to the well being and true overall health of the individual.

Medical Thermal Imaging works to help you better understand your body’s functions and stress points... By identifying your body’s thermal emission patterns, we are able to help determine if your body is being challenged in its effort to maintain a stable internal environment, so... why not take a look?


Inflammation is the earliest stage of almost all major health challenges.


Because it measures heat, High-Definition Medical Thermal Imaging easily detects conditions in the "inflammatory stage" which can last for years before symptoms of the particular disease develops, that is the benefit ! With Clinical Thermography, we are able to uncover many early-stage conditions; from diabetes, to heart and vascular disease, and much more. Early detection enables us to have more options... the time to pursue more natural conservative treatment options.

  • Many women are now using Clinical Thermography specifically for breast screening. Earlier detection of abnormalities is better, and women also prefer Infrared Imaging because there is no harmful radiation; its painless and easy. Thermography is a test of physiology, and is another superior tool to be used in the medical arsenal of disease detection.  There is no claim being made to replace mammography or any other anatomical testing device.

Regular breast screening with High Definition Thermal Imaging is important on an annual basis. Obviously the reason being is that any changes in normal function will appear in comparative studies.  Comparative studies also afford the opportunity to review changes and corroborate them with any subtle signs or symptoms you may have; so through routine use of Clinical Thermography, you will have options for non-invasive treatment for early stage abnormal conditions i.e. detection and treatment before your body gets into a full blown crisis... that's proactive care.

Our role at Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging is to provide You, and your Health Care Provider, with the highest quality infrared images, knowledge and non-bias information, as well as steps to improve your overall health.

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Carol Conti, RT, CCT

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