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A truly positive and informative experience. Thanks Carol for making it so easy.

Suzanne Taylor ( )

Many thanks for this informative and inspiring experience!

Laura Ridley ( )

Carol was very knowledgeable and experienced. I am recommending thermal imaging to my husband and friends. I will always use thermal imaging for future breast cancer screenings.

Sheila Hoffmeyer ( )

Carol is very professional and I received the completed report in a very timely manner. I really appreciate the amount of information Carol gives me during the scan and the detailed analysis of the thermogram that comes with the images. Thank you so much for bringing this service to the Verde Valley. I tell everyone about it and am definitely encouraging them to see Carol rather that getting a mammogram! Kristine Follett

Kristine Follett ( )

A very pleasant experience. Thanks for explaining so much to me and for the book and other handout. I appreciate you coming to Flagstaff. Best wishes, Joani Flanagan

Joan Flanagan ( )

I had my thermogram 2 days ago and have nothing but good things to say. The place is very clean and comfortable and Carol is very nice and informative. I will recommend to all my friends. Thanks, Cindy N.

Cindy Neustadter ( )

Carol was very professional and informative. She answered all my questions, and explained the process of thermal imaging very well, in terms I understood.

Claudia Baker ( )

Hi Carol, again...just wanted you to know that my experience with you yesterday was very impressive. Your knowledge, professionalism, and kind authentic spirit put me at ease. I am a firm believer in thermography, and you, thank you! dana ruszel tull thank you!

Dana Tull ( )

Very informative! I learned a lot from Carol and I plan on reading the book she gave me about breast health.

Kim Warren ( )

What a difference from a "regular" mammogram! I'm anxious to hear what my ob-gyn will say when I go for my pap test in a few weeks. Thank you.

Mary Jo Heher ( )

Hi Carol - Very comfortable experience. Relaxed atmosphere. No fear of having your boobs squished! LOL.

Sharon Welsh ( )

The process was quick and painless. Carol was a delight to talk with and presented herself as very knowledgeable in regard to Thermal Imaging and why she does it and is so passionate about it. Thank you Carol

Patty Rivard ( )

Thank you. I felt comfortable, able to share and services that provide insight, support and advice to follow.

Roberta Howard ( )

Hi Carol....I am so glad I found you or you found me.....You are the BEST! Hugs ~ Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann McDaniel ( )

Hi Carol, I also thank you very much for a most pleasant experience and enlightening conversation. Thank-you for all you do for women and men. I am almost finished with the book you gave me. I love it and so appreciate it. With gratitude, Loretta

Loretta Flores ( )

Coming to you for a thermogram, Carol, is like coming to your friend's home! Your place is gorgeous and comforting, and you always seem to instill a sense of comraderie and professionalism. Thank you so much for all you are doing for the community. I feel your place will continue to grow and prosper! Barb Berkowitz 5 Stars!

Barbara Berkowitz ( )

I learned so much about breast health awareness during my visit. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

Kimberly King ( )

So NOT a mammogram! Went for a breast check, and found a totally unrelated potential future problem... now that I know I can nip it in the bud. Thank you so much Carol,

Peggy Sands ( )

Great environment, Carol is very supportive and informative. Can't wait to get the full report. Thanks

Anna May Cory ( )

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with me. Also thank you for providing a reasonably priced service. I will and have already recommended you to some of my friends here in Sedona.

Patsy Bratter ( )

Hi Carol, Never thought a "mammogram" would be enjoyable in my lifetime! You made this appt. very comfortable, informative and friendly. I not only trust your knowledge but I also feel I left feeling like I may have found a lovely friend. I really can't think of one thing that would have made my appt. more pleasant. Thanks, Jan Benjamin

Jan Benjamin ( )

Thank you for a very positive, dignified experience.

Linda Crawford ( )

Thanks Carol. My feedback is that your thermal imagery is comfortable, relaxing, and informative. See you again in a year or so. Norma

Norma Redish ( )

Excellent service! Very informative. I really appreciated the time you take to make it personal as well as your willingness to answer questions and share your vast knowledge! You will have many referrals from me! Bonnie-sue

Bonnie Sue Harper ( )

Beats a mammogram any day...especially for fibrous breasts. Carol is very sweet, professional, educated, and efficient. I highly recommend this method of breast cancer prevention. Rachel Ayars

Rachel Ayars ( )

Hi Carol, It was very nice meeting you and also very interesting seeing you at work with the Thermal Imaging. I am sold on the benefits of what you do and I will look forward to seeing you again, Thanks, Randy Schuckman

Randy Schuckman ( )

Excellent experience! I had an initial breast study done after having a mammogram that stated early mammographic findings of malignancy would be obscured due to my heterogeneously dense breasts. Thermal imaging is the way to go, and Carol is super friendly, sweet, and caring. She explains the exam in detail and reviews images during your appointment. My official results were emailed to me 2 days after the exam. Super customer service and fabulous patient experience!

Raelene Paris ( )

Hi Carol, Always the professional and I thank you for that! We really enjoy the other time we spend with you. What a light for women and offering another option for breast health and walking your talk. Thanks for lunch always great to see you. May the holiday season and the new year be filled with peace, prosperity and good health. Gail

Gail T. ( )

Hi Carol! For the first time in my life I actually enjoyed have a medical exam:) I felt very comfortable with the technique in your little sweet space. You are a very sweet and caring person and I will highly recommend NazThermal to everyone needing a body scan! Thank you very much for providing this service in our toxic world. Kindly, Annette Spuhler

Annette Spuhler ( )

Michelle L. Ebel, StateFarm Insurance
Upon finishing my year long treatment for breast cancer, I asked my oncologist for scan’s to confirm I was in remission and that there was no evidence of disease. Because of my early stage, I was told no scans! For my own peace of mind I decided to have a full body thermography scan done. Carol was terrific in explaining the process and how thermography works. The scan found two areas of concern, my thyroid and carotid arteries. Based on the report, my GP ordered ultra sounds of both carotid and thyroid. The thyroid ultrasound discovered a small nodule, a biopsy was recommended and the resulting biopsy came back positive for thyroid cancer. My cancer endocrinologist was amazed at how early the thyroid cancer was found, and because it was found so early, I was able to treat this new cancer with surgery alone. I had a partial thyroidectomy, keeping the left half of my Thyroid. I avoided RAI (radioactive iodine treatment) and a now am taking a very low dose of thyroid to keep my hormones balanced. I was told that based on the size and type of the cancer found, it would not have been able to be detected based on physical exam for more than a year; and at that point, more invasive treatment would have been required. What I love about thermography, is that it looks at function not just the anatomy. It can pin point areas of concern allowing doctors to focus their attention where it needs to be as opposed to ‘exploring’ all the alternatives resulting in unnecessary tests and costs. I am a firm believer in thermography! Michelle Ebel, Camp Verde, AZ.

Michelle L. Ebel, StateFarm Insurance ( )

Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf, ND, Cottonwood, AZ.
Carol Conti and Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging is often my first thought when I need more information about a patient by further testing. Not only is thermal imaging non-invasive, it can see into the body for information about organ function, not just structural changes. It seems that as I get more patient reports, I learn of new uses for screening and monitoring with thermal imaging. I have saved patients from an invasive nuclear iodine thyroid test, the squeezing and radiation from mammograms, and potential bowel damage from colonoscopy by sending them for thermograms instead. The newest discovery that I am excited about is that thermal imaging can show whether something is skin cancer or benign mole by its thermal signature. I have gained information about myself with both breast and half-body thermal images. Carol has decades of experience with lab testing and the local medical practitioners, so she is a good resource both for medical referrals and referrals for the best test for further confirmation. Finally, Carol is a patient advocate and has an inspiring personal story to tell that gives passion to her work. Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf ND, Cottonwood, AZ. 928-649-9234

Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf, ND, Cottonwood, AZ. ( )

Andrea Carusetta
I have had 2 other breast Thermal Imaging tests done by a company in Phoenix - the technology was nowhere near the quality of Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging, and they even charged more. I highly recommend Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging!! Andrea Carusetta

Andrea Carusetta ( )

Rica G.
Hello, I would like to let people know that my doctors were having no success locating my cancer with MRI, Cat Scans, Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. I also had no idea that I had any issue of heart disease. After my full body thermal exam, I showed the thermography to the doctors. It showed the primary tumor exactly where it was – in my Liver. It took months for my doctors to find out about the heart disease after I told them your thermogram noticed the signs. After having chest pains, they finally did a nuclear medicine stress test two weeks ago and found what your thermogram showed without poisons. They had to use nuclear medicine to confirm it here. If they just relied on the thermography, they could have considered treatment or diet without putting an injection of garbage into my already cancerous body. Thank you for your help. I hope that thermal imaging takes off and we can eliminate some of the deadly testing currently being used. I have now had two operations to remove the cancer pending one more to remove the remaining two tumors in my liver. I wish thermography was shown the same respect the poison products were! They could not just believe that test and recommend lifestyle changes. I am on semi-raw and juicing. Thanks for everything - your service is amazing! You come up regularly in discussions. Rica G.

Rica G. ( )

Judy O' Higgins
Dear Carol, my heart and all the other parts of me thank you! It was so great to have the thermal imagery and know that my heart is in great shape, and a lot of the other parts too! You made the process easy, and I am so glad I did it. I'll be sharing the experience with lots of other women...Thanks again...Judy O'Higgins

Judy O' Higgins ( )

Carol is extremely professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and a wonderful and caring woman. Her expertise is second to none. For many years, Carol used to do my mammograms and it was wonderful to hear when she went out on her own to do thermal imaging, and went from mammograms to breast thermograms. I have had two breast thermograms by Carol since she started and it is non-invasive and there is no touching. I received the results in a couple of days and the report is very thorough and even gave me details and suggestions not just on breast healthcare but other areas too, i.e. lymphatics, and I would never have known to address these other issues if I had just had a mammogram. Thanks Carol and I wish you all the best and success with Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging.

Michelle Lloyd ( )

Ladies, This is the best experience I have ever had regarding an annual breast examination. No touching or squeezing of my breasts. Carol is a true professional and a wonderful person. She explains everything and within 48 hours I had my results with extensive explanation and follow-up suggestions. That's what I call service! Sincerely, Debbie H.

Debbie Heinrich ( )

Debbi Sprinkle
Here's my testimonial, (and I truly mean every word!) Carol is very professional and really 'knows her stuff'. Since she's had lots of experience in mammography, she knows why Thermal Imaging is a better tool to diagnose problems early. My sister and my paternal grandmother both had breast cancer. I have used another thermal imaging company and found Carol's imaging equipment and the result information to be FAR superior. Carol is not just a 'tech' ...she understands all the aspects of what is being done and can explain it in a way that I can understand as well. Carol has been on both sides of the picture; she has compassion and a personal investment in me and my health. She has a passion for this technology and what truth it can bring to my breast health. That makes me feel empowered about my choice to use Thermography as my diagnostic tool. Thanks Carol. Debbi Sprinkle, Cottonwood, AZ.

Debbi Sprinkle ( )

Dear Ms. Conti, please share this endorsement of your impressive alternative to CAT Scans. After extensive personal research, I feel comfortable concluding that you and the medical thermography process provided a sensible, credible, non-radioactive, non-invasive summary in response to my post surgery concerns. Thank you sincerely for easy going, sensitive professional care and follow-up. I hope many others see this letter! Bill Mann...

Bill Mann ( )

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