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Your Thermal Imaging Appointment / The Process . . .


The scanning process is totally non-contact, non-invasive and without a single long-term risk to your health...

Scans reveal whether or not your body is maintaining a stable internal environment. 

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-Completing the Patient Intake Form-

The information you provide on the Patient Intake Form will help guide us to focus on your areas of concern as well as providing us with insights into the functioning of various organs, muscles, nerves, glands and more. The combination of information you provide and the information provided by the imaging offers a powerful look for assessing your health.  The Thermographer will review the information provided with you to assure that we understand and address your concerns. 


  • In order to save you time at the office, Intake Forms for our new patients are sent with their booking confirmation e-mail when the appointment is made.   If you do not use e-mail, no worries...  We can mail you the form, or you can just fill it out in comfort at our office.  Thanks, Carol...


-The Imaging Process-

Your thermal imaging will be performed by a licensed medical imaging professional and certified Thermographer.  Your images will give you a unique picture assessment of your health, even in potential problem areas where you currently have no pain or discomfort. You will not be enclosed, and there will be no physical contact or injections.

During the thermal imaging, you will simply stand or sit and move into position for each view as we capture the image. A breast or region of interest will take only about 15 minutes; a full body exam can take 30 to 45 minutes.

You will have an opportunity to view the images, but no analysis will be presented at this time.

Your images will be analyzed by a M.D.Thermologist.  A written report along with your original images will be sent within 72 hours to you and/or your health care provider.

Carol Conti, RT, CTT

Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging