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Exam: Comprehensive Breast Study


Infrared Thermography is best known for its superior breast screening capabilities and is one of its highest and most valuable uses...

Because of the nature of the development of breast disease, and the fact that a tumor in the breast is slow growing taking 8-10 years to mature into a visible growth that will eventually be seen on mammograms; Thermal Imaging is ideal in early detection of the highly visible vascular activity that facilitates tumor growth even in its microscopic stage.

This kind of detection enables an individual to have the freedom of time to pursue less invasive care.

Breast Thermography detects physiologic changes in the breast tissue that correlate with cancer.  While breast disease itself can only be diagnosed by microscopic examination of tissue by a pathologist, thermography shows the earliest detections of abnormal cells, 8 to 10 years earlier than a standard Mammogram.

  • Treatment for breast disease can be monitored with thermography without exposing the body to unnecessary radiation.
  • Persons young or old, who desire a risk free & painless procedure to screen for breast disease, is a candidate for Thermography.

Other Conditions commented on when observed during the Comprehensive Breast Screening Exam are:

  • Fibrocystic Change
  • Estrogen Dominance, (hormone imbalance)
  • Lymphatic Congestion, (retained toxins)
  • Immune System Dysfunction



After your initial (very first) breast screening, a follow up exam is provided (only if deemed necessary) at a discount. Depending on what was observed on the initial exam, the doctor may recommend a 3 or 6 month follow-up.  Follow-up breast exams are important in that we have a baseline from your initial screening to compare any changes to.



Exam: Regional Scans - (Studies of one region of the body)


Any bodily region of interest can be scanned as a separate examination.

For example; the Head & Neck Exam, or if requested, the Abdomen & Lower Back Exam. Thermography can detect phlebitis and peripheral artery disease, (PAD), before clot and atherosclerotic plaque formation, as well as the origins of pain.

Any one region of the body...

Example: Abdomen / Lower Back

  • Colon, Liver and other Organ Diseases
  • Endometriosis
  • Digestive Disorders, IBS, Colitis
  • Bladder and Kidney Dysfunction
  • Lumbar Spine Inflammation




Our Wellness Screenings are favored by individuals who actively seek proactive methods of preserving health...

This exam covers from the top of the head to the waist and includes the following:

  • The Comprehensive Breast Exam
  • The Head & Neck Exam (includes Thyroid & Carotid Artery)
  • The Chest and Upper Back, to facilitate the physiological detection of degenerating heart function.

Among the possible conditions observed are; upper back problems, respiratory dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, skin cancer indications, auto-immune dysfunction.



Exam: Half Body Health Study

The Half Body Health Screening is actually three exams combined, along with the addition of the Abdomen and Lower Back.
It includes all regions described in the Cardiovascular/Wellness Exam with the addition of the Abdomen and Lower Back Screening.
Exam Includes:
  • The Comprehensive Breast Exam
  • The Head & Neck Exam
  • The Cardiovascular Screening Exam
This study is preferred and requested by individuals with concerns in the Abdominal, Bladder, Gynecological, and Lower Back areas.
- This exam covers all vital organs including the Colon -


Exam: Full Body Health Study


The Full Body Screening Exam - includes all regions described in the Half Body Health Screening; with the addition of arms, hands, legs & feet, (including the soles).

Just one important example of conditions observed with the full body screening exam, that could help an individual prevent potential long term health issues, would be the detection of pre-diabetes before it's detected on bloodwork; thus allowing the opportunity to reverse the process.

Regional & Full Body exams are also an excellent tool in sports medicine and pain management, because it can map inflammation from neurologic or musculoskeletal dysfunction.

  • Added Arms & Hands
  • Added Legs & Feet, (including soles)
  • Skin Cancer Indications       Internal Organ Disease
  • Chronic Nerve Injury           P.A.D.
  • Circulatory Disorders           Auto-immune Disease
  • Sports Injuries                    Shoulder Impingement
  • Nerve Root Irritation            Kidney Disorders
  • Autonomic Dysfunction        Stress Fractures
  • Entire Spine, Standing          Vein Conditions

...Detecting Inflammation or Dysfunction Anywhere in the Body!

$525 each person, a $100.00 Savings!

A Popular Service For our Patients who book together as a couple...

Many of our Winter Visitors and Summer Tourists who come to visit Arizona, take advantage of the unique quality services available in the Sedona and Verde Valley areas; and while they are here on vacation or retreat, book our Wellness Screenings during their visits and vacations.

Service Discount on Full Body Screening exam only;  Couples save $100 dollars when they book together with concurrent schedule.   Couples can be any two people that book together; e.g. Mother & Daughter, Husband & Wife, Friends, Roomates etc.