Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging

What is Medical Thermal Imaging

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It is a scientifically established and accepted means to measure the quantity and patterns of heat emitting from the human body with a patented, FDA registered device. It is a totally safe, non-invasive, non-contact means to measure how well your body is regulating its internal environment by mapping the thermal output within one-one-hundredths of a degree centigrade! This highly sensitive and specific imaging method is computerized as an image of your body in a color map that makes it easy to read.

Referred to as Medical Infrared Imaging; thermography shows how well your body is functioning and is used as an early detection, preventative medical screening tool. The unique benefit with Medical Infrared Imaging, (known as Thermography), is that it can reveal changes leading to potential health problems long before they threaten your health, and/or it can confirm something you suspect, but your doctor has no means to confirm or refute the condition exist.

By measuring changes in your body's thermal radiant heat as small as 1/100th of a degree, we see bio-markers, bio-fingerprints or risk indicators that published medical research confirms, can reveal tell-tale signs of tumors, toxins, and disease, months and even years earlier than traditional imaging procedures.  This enables us to have the time to pursue natural conservative treatment options.

Medical Infrared Imaging can also detect changes in your micro-circulation brought on by pain; changes which are impossible or very difficult to detect with X-Rays or expensive CT or MRI scans.

High Definition Medical Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive, non-contact scan; and unlike other forms of medical screening, performed with absolutely no risks to your health.  There are no toxic injections or fluids to drink.  Our full body or localized exams are the safest, and most cost effective imaging procedures known.